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medQ Products Trending... 
CTRM: Improve the identification, triage and results communication protocol to the ordering physician.

DICOM SR: With this solution everyone wins; the technologist, the radiologist, the facility and most importantly patient safety.

Electronic Forms: Utilize e-forms and signature pads.

Physician's Portal: Keep referrers referring and well connected to your radiology practice.

Patient Balance Estimator: Ensure insurance verification.

Radiology Workflow Buzz: medQ Visits 5 Cities with Centricity™ Imaging Experience Tour 2016

Making Corrections in Dragon!
The most effective way to correct words or sentences that come out incorrectly is to use the Dragon command “Correct”. To use the “Correct” command you need to be in Mic on mode (screen turns blue).

Refresh your knowledge on the Voice Commands by clicking here.
Adding words to the Dragon
The most effective way to add a word to the dictionary is to use the same method used to correct a word but to further use the “Spell That” option. Click here to learn how to Add Words.
Add a Keyboard Shortcut for a Macro!
Macros can also be populated using an assigned keyboard shortcut. Click here to learn more.
Dictation Workflow Commands:
Complete to Transcription - Complete the dictation and move the exam in Transcription worklist
Complete to Preliminary - Complete the dictation and move the exam in Preliminary list
Complete to Signed Queue - Complete the dictation and move the exam in Final sign list
Worklist Q/tip:
Hit the "Clear" button to set your worklist back to default.
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