Reporting PLUS+ v2

Everything a Radiologist Could Need—In One App

Switching apps or workstations wastes time.  The Reporting PLUS+ is the complete reporting environment designed from 20 years of radiologist input and feedback.  
It’s all here—automatic caseload assignment, universal worklist, industry leading VR, auto DICOM SR, multi-layered reporting macros, reporting quality checker, integrated peer review, critical findings communication, and much, much more.

Dictate With Confidence

Reporting PLUS+ Voice Recognition (VR) is powered by the same VR engine commonly used in the Powerscribe products—the engine over 90% of radiologists trust for their report dictation.

Hands-Off Worklist Management

Hands-off worklist management is here!  medQ’s Assignment Engine distributes exams to be read based on radiologist availability, credentials, sub-specialty, and other customizable criteria.  The Assignment Engine can even escalate the priority of exams based on AI-generated findings.

Automating caseload distribution can lower stress, raise confidence, and easily save your imaging team 30 minutes per day.

AI-enhanced Report Creation

With the Reporting PLUS+ AI Navigator, radiologists can easily review and select AI-generated findings to drop directly onto the final report.  Using this same connection, Reporting PLUS+ can automatically update an exam’s reading priority before the radiologist even looks at it.  Radiologists can save 3-5 minutes per patient by not having to retype or dictate AI-generated findings.

Estimate Your Productivity Gains

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The productivity calculator assumes a full Reporting PLUS+ installation. If you want a detailed productivity potential report specific to your team and technological setup, please schedule a Free Automation Analysis with one of our specialists.

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The Complete Reporting Environment

Universal Interoperability 

Save 3-5 minutes per patient by formatting and populating entire reports using a few keywords and phrases.


Save 1-2 minutes per patient by having DICOM SR data prepopulated upon opening an exam.

“Nested” Reporting Macro Sequences

Save 3-5 minutes per patient by formatting and populating entire reports using a few keywords and phrases.

Easy Critical Findings Communication

Save 15 minutes per critical finding by and automating and simplifying your critical findings tracking and reporting protocols.

Integrated Peer Learning/Review

Save 2–8 hours per month by automating case selection and by integrating full peer review naturally into the radiologist’s workflow.

Reporting Quality Checker

Lower your error rate by automatically detecting reporting discrepancies such as laterality, gender and other customizable characteristics. 

Start Boosting Your Reporting Productivity

Hundreds of imaging teams across the US are boosting their productivity by automating their imaging workflows with medQ. Will your team be next?

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