We’ve asked multiple imaging teams what kinds of problems they were facing during the COVID-19 crisis.  One problem that seemed universal (aside from limits placed on certain procedures) was providing diagnostic and treatment services while limiting exposure to their employees.  Its not like they can just keep their “social distance” from patients who need care.

To help, medQ put together a list of apps and services that will help imaging teams manage COVID-19 contact.

Remote Ordering and Patient Scheduling

medQ Ordering and medQ Front Desk are standalone remote imaging workflow apps that can integrate with any PACS, RIS, HISS and EMR.  By using the Ordering and Front Desk apps, imaging office staff can limit their own exposure to COVID-19 as they process imaging orders, register patients, and schedule exams while working remotely, maintaining good social distancing and ensuring patient safety as well as their own.  The same workflow automation tools used onsite to simplify these processes are available to administrators while off-site.

Automation tools available remotely

  • Automated Order Entry
  • 1-Click Insurance Verification
  • Rules-Driven Scheduling
  • Digital Patient Registration and Demographic Verification
  • Integrated CDS Tool (optional)

Remote Physician and Patient Portals

Remote scheduling is further assisted by the web-based, remote Physician Portal and Patient Portals.  The Patient Portal allows patients to digitally fill out and verify demographic and insurance information remotely without the need to stay in a waiting room or reception area.  Patients can also access and view their completed reports and study images after their appointment.

The Physician Portal allows physicians to remotely order exams, check patient status, and print final reports and images without needing to go to the office or handle potentially contaminated paper files.


Integrated Remote Reporting Environment – Reporting PLUS+

Reporting PLUS+ is a standalone remote reporting environment that can integrate with any PACS, RIS, HIS and EMR.  By using Reporting PLUS+, Radiologists can limit their exposure to COVID-19 by remotely reading exams and creating imaging reports from home.

Reporting PLUS+ also allows radiologists to use voice recognition and familiar automation tools and stay connected with their onsite imaging team.  Radiologists can access studies remotely from a configurable Universal Reading Worklist.  Reporting PLUS+ allows Radiologists to log and access patient priors and patient health histories while off-site.  Radiologists can also remotely return studies to the technologists for clarifications or comments using the “Return to Tech” feature. All while maintaining proper social distancing.  Automation tools available in onsite reporting apps will still be available remotely.

Reporting Automation Tools Available Remotely 

  • DICOM structured report data directly into a report.
  • Voice-navigated macros and nested macros
  • Auto-Signing & Auto Distribution
  • Auto-Next Reading modes
  • Critical Test Result Management (optional)

All remote apps mentioned above can be deployed rapidly and remotely.

For information on setting up remote stations for your team, please call our team at 1-800-597-6330, or visit our contact page.