Connect with Any Imaging System

True automation is only possible when all the parts of your system can talk to each other. Connect bi-directionally to any EMR, PMS, HIS, or PACS on the market thanks to Q/ris Connect, our proprietary interface solution. Integrate with an unlimited number of facilities simultaneously. ​

Smooth Implementation, Seamless Integration

From top to bottom, the medQ solutions are modular and standards based. This ensures that implementation is smooth with your current system and scaling your enterprise by adding new systems couldn’t be easier.

Ensure Clean Data with DICOM Bridge

The DICOM bridge allows clerks of the receiving facility to make minor modifications to the images from the sending facility keeping for the sake of accurate records.

  • Supplying missing Patient ID number to the image file
  • Separates studies from different facilities that happen to share the same MRN or Accession number by adding a prefix
  • Facilitates the consolidation of patient histories by adding an enterprise-wide patient identification number to studies that belong to the same patient despite being received from different sending facilities