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Burnout among radiology teams was a problem BEFORE COVID-19. It’s been three and half long months of high-stakes, exhaustive effort, mixed with high doses of stress and uncertainty. Now add a tumultuous social and political landscape.  What does that get you?

Not just burnout—but PTSD.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) has a running list of resources that we have been proven very useful in promoting a calm and peaceful state of mind despite all that is happening.  Buried in that list of wonderful resources is a list of award-winning wellness mobile apps whose subscriptions fees have been waived for healthcare workers. 

We’ve compiled the apps for you in this infographic.  Download links can be found below.  

Thanks for all you do.

App Links:

Other Wellness Resources:
Looking for software that will help your imaging practice during COVID-19?  Check out this page.