Integrated Billing

A fully integrated, bi-directional billing module designed to process technical, professional or global charges with ease.

Benefit Summary:

  • 100% charge capture, including supplies
  • Integrated automatic billing with no duplicate data entry
  • Clearing house functionality and EDI with major insurance providers
  • Communications via HL7 to third-party billing companies
  • Automatic posting of charges
  • Management reports to show what’s been paid, by claim.

Want to stick with your current billing solution?  Ask a workflow consultant about how Q/ris 3000 can communicate via HL7 to third party billing companies.


Experience a fully integrated system that helps you manage your breast imaging department and comply with MQSA, ACR Birads/NMD, NQMBC or NAPBC requirements.

Benefit Summary:

  • Custom Patient Results, recall letters and overdue letters
  • Automates Patient Follow up
  • Tracks all Patient and Physician Communication
  • Tracks all mammography, MRI, biopsy, surgical outcomes and pathology reports
  • Provides referring physician summary reports
  • Provides dozens of quality control audits

Veterinary Imaging with Powerful Automation

The intelligently Automated workflow of the Q/ris Veterinary Module saves time, reduces errors, and improves animal safety. Already utilized by the Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine, the Q/ris Veterinary Workflow leverages the full power of the Q/ris automation tools and intuitive design. As with all medQ solutions, the Q/ris Veterinary Module is highly configurable and customizable, making it the perfect-fit addition to any veterinary practice.

Benefit Summary:

  • Standards-based and easily integrates with any existing VNA, EMR, PACS, or HIS
  • Automated scheduling and processing of animals including the recording of unique animal demographics
  • Full DICOM modality worklist that automatically populates modalities with patient information.
  • Auto importing and recording of DICOM Structured data and dosage

Q/ris Mobile Imaging

Simplify and automate your mobile operation with Q/ris Mobile Imaging. Enjoy time-saving features like insurance pre-verification, rules-driven route management, unified technologist dispatching worklist, charge capture, fully featured Reporting Suite and much more.

Benefit Summary:

  • Rules-based dispatch module to assign technologists to vans and manage routes easily and efficiently
  • Tracks stops, set ups and other unique mobile needs
  • Collects Technologist’s notes and worksheets to be sent digitally with the study for the reading Radiologist.
  • Access the system remotely anytime, anywhere.
  • Automatic insurance pre-verification and charge capture
  • Part A Medicare, Part B Medicare, and Facility billing

Seamlessly Integrated EHR

Seamlessly integrated with the rest of your workflow, Q/ris EHR provides a single point of capture to enter data only once using essentially the same arrival process

Benefit Summary:

  • Workflow allows All patient prework to be completed during the check in process
  • Auto-populates information bidirectionally with outside HIS or EHRs.
  • Includes a Referring Physician Portal and Patient Portal for remote access
  • Can handle multi-facility operations and patients.
  • Easy tracking and ordering of lab results, even if done on site.