Drop AI Findings Directly onto the Report

Agree with the AI?  Drop some or all of the AI preliminary findings directly onto the report and then edit as needed!  An indicator makes it clear to the radiologist when there are AI findings available for an exam.  Radiologists then navigate through the findings and select the ones they would like to include in the report.  

Pro Tip: Combine the AI navigator™ with nested macro templates for a revolutionized reporting experience.

Use AI to Inform Exam Priority

Using the preliminary findings of the PACS-based AI, the AI Navigator™ can automatically update the reading priority level of your exams to help insure that all critical or unexpected findings are read promptly.  Any priority changes made by the navigator are indicated on the radiologist worklist.

Leverage Any PACS-based AI

The AI Navigator™ can be used to access preliminary diagnostic findings made by any PACS-based AI.  

With the AI Navigator, You Can...