Easily Schedule Complex Procedures

Maximize asset utilization and patient convenience through our intelligent rules-driven scheduler.  Built-in checks and balances make sure that all required information is in the system before scheduling and that exams that have multiple procedural steps will always be scheduled and sequenced correctly.

Schedule Several Facilities Simultaneously

Do you have multiple sites? Schedule any room in any facility from any workstation. Ready to consolidate the scheduling process? The Q/ris Ordering Module can schedule all procedures from one central location, filtered by zone for patient convenience.

Pre-verify Insurance with a Click

Don’t call, don’t search their website, just click.  Eliminate hours of delay every week by automating your insurance pre-verification.  Its faster and less work.

What our Customers Are Saying

Meet CMS Requirements with the Integrated CDS tool

Fully comply with the Appropriate Use criteria today with our Integrated CDS Tool. This time saving tool allows physicians to validate an ordered test and easily obtain a DSN number.

Reduce Patient Wait Time

The Q/ris Front Desk Module features an efficient, paperless workflow allowing patients to experience a streamlined check in process. The staff are kept up to date with time-based alerts throughout the entire process. Once the patient is checked in, the technologist is automatically notified and can start the exam.

Save Time with Patient and Physician Web Portals

Have the convenience of 24/7 remote access with the Physician and Patient Web Portals. Referring physicians can submit orders remotely. Patients can digitally fill out paperwork before their appointment.

Benefit Summary