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Ease the Burden on Your Staff (While Boosting Productivity)

Manual processes not only slow down teams, but make them more error-prone.  Teams that have installed the Q/ris 3000 workflow management system have been able increase their daily capacity, improve reporting productivity by 4-6x, and eliminate manual processes such as:

Don't Overpay for Top-Tier Productivity

The Q/ris 3000™ Imaging Workflow includes some of the most advanced automation tools in the industry.  Get all of the power of the “Big Box” automation features, but with personalized service, and not the extra overhead and fees. 

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A Sample of What medQ's Top-Tier Automation Looks Like...

Let Your Patients Skip the Waiting Room

Using medQ's 100% Virtual Check-in experience, patients can skip the waiting room by filling out their pre-exam paperwork from home. This all-digital process allows your front-desk staff to save up to 10 minutes per patient.

  • Fill out pre-exam paperwork from home
  • Receive pre-exam prep instruction
  • Upload insurance card and driver’s license photos
  • Receive directions to your facility
  • Notify front desk staff of their arrival from their vehicle

Technologist Automation Toolkit (Including "Done-for-you" DICOM SR)

The Q/ris TechWorkflow™ gives your technologists their own streamlined workflow module full of the automation and communication tools they need to increase your productivity and save you up to 20 minutes per procedure.

  • Automatic DICOM SR data population from the modality
  • Digital eForms and Auto Scan to PACS
  • Integrated dose, charge and supply capture
  • Attach technologist commentary to exams
  • Universal connector between disparate EMR and PACS

Multi-level Reporting Macros, Customizable-by-Doctor

medQ's Reporting PLUS+ module combines an industry-leading voice recognition (VR) engine with high-powered connectivity and automation tools to provide up to a 4–6x boost to your reporting productivity and TAT.

  • Auto DICOM SR population
  • Multi-layered “nested” macros, customizable for each doctor
  • Can automatically populate AI-generated findings
  • Semi-automated communication and tracking of critical findings
  • Integrated & streamlined Peer Review
  • Intuitive quality checker

Automated Workload Assignment

No more sifting through dozens of exams and lists. medQ's Assignment Engine will automatically distribute exams to your radiologist based on availability, specialty, AI-generated findings, and other customizable criteria. Radiologists can save 30 minutes per day, or more.

Q/ris 3000™ Is The "Perfect-Fit" of Automation Tools to Streamline Your Imaging Workflow

The Q/ris 3000™ is the most powerful mid-size imaging workflow productivity suite for modern imaging teams. Enjoy top-tier AI and automation tools with high-end analytics without the extra fees, overhead, and inflexibility you experience from larger vendors.

Why Our Clients Love Using the Q/ris 3000™ Workflow