Interactive Communications between Technologists and Radiologists

What makes a better end report? Better data. Foster a digital dialogue between your technologists and radiologists with the Q/ris Technologist Workflow. In addition to sending DICOM structured data, the Technologists can now attach all e-worksheets, procedure notes and dosage amounts to the study series to be viewed by the Radiologist in their worklists. The radiologist can’t miss it!

If for any reason the Radiologist has some feedback or needs to request more input, the Radiologist can use the “Return to Tech” feature which will return the series to the Technologist worklist for additional studies or comment.

Love your EMR? Start your Radiology workflow from here.

We get it, some sites love their EMRs. If this is the case for you, no worries. Thanks to the modular design of the Q/ris 3000 Workflow, you can keep your EMR and start your radiology workflow with the technologist to improve the efficiency of your exam process.

Thanks to its standards-based architecture, The Q/ris Technologist Workflow is universally interoperable and can receive data from any EMR or HIS in the industry.

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Benefit Summary

  • Automatic DICOM structured data collection
  • One-click access to patient history and prior images
  • Pass on Technologist Notes to Radiologist
  • Automatic Arrival Notification
  • Universal PACS Connectivity
  • DICOM and IHE Compliant
  • DICOM Modality Worklist
  • PPS Compatible auto start and stop of the procedure, so the radiologist has all the information they need
  • Auto Dose Capture
  • Online Protocols