When it comes to mobile medical imaging, you need a system that can help you improve your bottom line and provide your referring physicians with the best possible care.

The Q/ris 3000™ is also fully integrated with any PACS, teleradiology, or even film-based operation, including DICOM modality work list functionality. This means you can go to a virtually paperless environment.

In addition to the software, medQ also offers operational management services to help you redesign your enterprise work process and job responsibilities to take advantage of the power of the system. This includes a series of real-time, on-demand reports to help you manage clinical and business performance.

The Q/ris 3000™’s web-enabled architecture allows radiologists to read exams from any location at any time, creating a virtual radiology operation that significantly improves report turnaround time. Referring physicians can access their patients’ results and immediately see the reports and images. This is a significant improvement in their effectiveness and significantly reduces the cycle time in diagnosis, thus speeding the time to initiation of treatment protocol.

medQ’s Q/ris 3000™ is designed specifically for the diagnostic imaging process in clinical imaging operations. It fully integrates and manages the business operations and imaging workflow.

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Extensible Platform, Nearly Indispensable.

If you’re looking for a mobile medical imaging solution that can help you improve your bottom line and provide your referring physicians with the best possible care, then medQ’s Q/ris 3000™ is the perfect solution for you.

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