Plano, TEXAS | August 24, 2020 – medQ Inc., creator of radiology’s most flexible workflow solutions, and Binovia Corp., a seasoned provider of healthcare IT and biomedical services, announced an agreement to distribute the Q/ris 3000 Enterprise Imaging Workflow throughout the US.

“We at Binovia are excited to partner with a great company like medQ that provides a superior product,” said John Nyberg, VP of Marketing & Operations at Binovia.  “This will allow Binovia to add a full array of products and services to ensure a medical facility is running smoothly and efficiently and to ensure patients are getting the best possible care.”

In addition to providing general IT services, medical equipment repair, medical device repair, and data storage solutions, Binovia will now be able to provide their clients with fully-featured imaging workflow functionality such as ordering, scheduling, technologist workflow, dictation and reporting, clinical analytics, and billing.

The Q/ris 3000, in addition to ordering and scheduling modules, also includes the Q/ris Tech Workflow which will serve as the universal bridge between any number of EMR, RIS, HIS, and PACS systems while also automating several aspects of the technologist’s workflow. Reporting PLUS+ will serve as a complete reporting environment for Binovia’s imaging center and hospital clients.  Radiologists using the Reporting PLUS+ will enjoy higher levels of productivity by leveraging nested dictation and reporting macros, single-click integration of DICOM SR data, Critical Test Result management and integrated peer review.  Mammography tracking, billing and clinical analytics dashboard modules will also be made available to Binovia clientele.

 “Every time a new team switches to a workflow designed just for them, with automation tools configured just for them, we see their productivity increase dramatically,” said, John Norman, CEO of medQ, inc. “We are excited to provide that experience to more imaging teams through our partnership with Binovia.” 

About medQ Inc.: The creators of the world’s most configurable and customizable imaging workflow software, medQ has been providing practices with enterprise imaging workflow solutions since 1996. With their in-house development team and under the leadership of long-time industry experts, medQ provides hundreds of practices and enterprises with custom, automated workflows that increase productivity, fit their exact clinical needs, and have a positive impact on patient care.

About Binovia Corp.: Binovia provides superior informatics and biomedical services to the technologically advancing needs of health care facilities. Binovia applies a unique blend of biomedical engineering and information technology training to its approach and can service all of your health care IT and biomedical engineering needs. From the rural hospital to the nationwide health care conglomerate, Binovia is equipped to service all health care technology needs, no matter how large or small, with a sense of urgency and priority on patient care.  The Binovia team understands that many situations are life-and-death and that accuracy and quickness could make the difference.

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