You know that game, Battleship?

The guessing and suspense involved in Battleship are fun for a game, but when imaging practice managers are forced to make big decisions without good data…well, guessing is not so fun.

The need for good data

Imaging managers lead a sophisticated organization of highly skilled professionals in an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious market.  They need accurate, complete performance data to make informed business/leadership decisions.

“In today’s competitive and price-sensitive market, access to real-time analytics to measure, track and adapt performance in response to changing situations is critical to success.  Further, this data must be displayed as meaningful, actionable information to be useful.”

John Norman, CEO, medQ

It’s not that practices don’t have the data, because if you are running any kind of computerized system, you have the data.  The data needed may not be easily accessible, or there might be too much of it, or it might be in a format that doesn’t make sense.

The Q/ris Dashboard – helping Big Data inform big decisions

medQ’s informatics solution, Q/ris Dashboard, provides users the capability to retrieve, display and analyze up-to-date business and clinical information in a graphical heads-up display.  This will allow business managers to spot trends and opportunities as they occur, facilitating immediate decision making. No more will they have to rely on hearsay or anecdotal information.

The universally interoperable “Q/ris Dashboard” taps into every aspect of an imaging practice and provides accurate performance data for every step of the imaging workflow—from order entry to report distribution. You will be able to address volume, throughput, turnaround times, as well as, worker’s productivity using comparative data from today, last month, last year, etc. With these tools at your disposal, your data becomes transformative informatics!

The Q/ris Dashboard can be configured for imaging centers, hospitals, teleradiology and mobile operations in a single or multi-site environment.

medQ’s Q/ris Analytics Dashboard is available as part of the Q/ris Management Reporting tool and is compatible with all parts of the Q/ris 3000 Enterprise Imaging Workflow.

For a hands-on demo, schedule a time to visit medQ’s RSNA booth #3941 in South Hall.  If you aren’t going to make it to RSNA, you can schedule an online demo by clicking here.