medQ Released The Q/ris 3000 Enterprise Imaging Software

medQ’s Q/ris 3000 Enterprise Imaging Software now provides an even more powerful package for reading services/groups as well as imaging center and hospital-based radiology operations. With these innovative program changes you will be able to use your resources more fully to increase productivity and profitably while at the same time improving patient care.

The major innovations in this release are:

  • Enhanced Business Analytics Program. This module is comprised of three major parts:
    • A real-time heads up Dashboard showing enterprise performance, including; exam volume (by site and enterprise level) patient and report turnaround time, and more.
    • A focused MIPS reporting module designed to create the reports necessary to qualify for maximum Medicare reimbursement.
    • Integration of Clinical Decision Support/Appropriate Use (CDS) into the daily operations.
  • Redesigned Ordering Physician’s portal to create a more interactive, real-time communications including an automated CDS program.
  • Redesigned Patient Portals to allow patients to schedule appointments and fill out forms online, as well as, view their medical record, reports, and images.
  • Enhanced ordering physician communications with the Critical Test Results 3.0, including texting and allowing the physician to see the notification and view radiologist’s comments online.
  • Additional mobile apps for iPads, Surface PC’s and phones
  • Automation of Peer Review front end to allow automatic selection of reviewer and reviewee workload requirements. Rads can easily ID relevant priors and select exams to review on the fly.
  • Expansion of the Enterprise Imaging Cloud. Imaging operations can run their complete operation in the new Q/ris Cloud. Is easy and quick to set up and infinitely expandable. Includes integration with multiple cloud PACS providers.
  • DICOM Bridge, for tag morphing/filtering and automatic intelligent prefetching to support teleradiology operations
  • More Radiologist tools to improve how they manage their reporting.
  • Radiation dose capture and recording, including, automatically adding to radiologist’s dictation macros.

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