medQ’s Support Is A Major Strength Of The Q/ris 3000

For busy imaging centers and radiologists, a glitch in the system can be very frustrating and impact customer care and operational effectiveness.  For this reason, it is essential that your workflow management software be very stable and  have support available 24/7, if needed. A major complaint we hear from radiologists and imaging center employees about many vendors is the length of time it takes to hear from support, often being 48 to 72 hours after contacting them. Clearly, in today’s fast paced environment this is unacceptable.

Fortunately for our clients, the Q/ris 3000 platform is a very stable and dependable suite of products, with up time consistently over 99%.  For those cases where there is a need to engage our support team, we have a support system in place to meet our customer’s needs around the clock.

The start of a good support team is employees who are  not only qualified, but care.  The medQ support team is not only highly trained and experienced but each person cares and understands the value of putting the customer’s needs as the top priority.  Problem solving time is usually short as our experts are proficient in diagnosing and solving any software issues with our products. Each staff member has been trained in trouble shooting medQ applications and the environments within which they operate. With our support team you will find response times in hours, not days!

Another major strength of the medQ software is that we own 100% of the software and have our own development and programming team on staff.  Our support team has a mutual working relationship with the QC and development teams. It’s common for a typical support team to be isolated from QC and development teams, especially when much of their program is from a third party.  The strength of medQ’s support staff works closely with these teams and has access to them daily. This relationship often drastically reduces the turnaround time from the problem analysis to resolution.

Speaking of relationships, the core of what medQ support is about is the relationship with the customer. Customers continually rave not only about the fast response time and knowledge of medQ support but about the interaction with the support team. The support staff understands the critical nature of the work that the imaging centers and radiologists are doing, understand their sense of urgency and make themselves open to needs the customer may have such as working an issue after hours.

With the radiologist and their patient’s care in mind, we have designed a support system that provides a user friendly technology in which our customers have several options to address their needs.  We include multiple ways for the customer to get support in whichever manner fits their needs.

As they say, a whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. medQ support has the pieces in place to give the type of support our customers and their patients deserve.

To learn more about our support and products, contact us at 214-221-6330 ext 231, or visit us at