Qris Patient Portal Mockup
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Let Your Patients Skip the Waiting Room

Using the Virtual Check-in & Arrival feature, patients can now check-in and complete all of their pre-exam paperwork before ever stepping into a waiting room.  Patients can…

  • Confirm/cancel/reschedule appointments
  • Fill out pre-exam paperwork
  • Receive pre-exam instruction
  • Upload insurance card photos
  • Receive directions to your facility
  • Notify the front desk staff of their arrival from their vehicle

The Access Patients Want

Using the Q/ris Patient Portal makes it easy comply with current “information blocking” rules and give your patients 24/7 access to their health records and radiology reports.

  • Secure 24/7 access to patient’s own reports and records
  • Request, view, and save upcoming appointments
  • Review and download final reports in .PDF format
  • Includes the site PACS viewer to view exam images

Increase Front Desk Productivity

With patients completing check-in procedures at home, your front desk staff can save up to 10 minutes per patient by not having to print, scan, copy and process pre-exam paperwork.  The Q/ris Patient Portal supports a seamless, paperless workflow.

See How It Looks in This Video

The Q/ris Patient Portal was featured briefly in the third part of medQ’s Front Desk Productivity video series.  Check it out >>

With the Q/ris Patient Portal, Patients Can Easily...