Automate Ordering and Scheduling

Intelligent, intuitive and rules-driven online scheduling and room management to simplify patient booking – making it fast and virtually error-free.

  • Automatic scheduling of complex segmented procedures
  • Efficient and paperless patient registration and document management
  • Up front, on-line real time insurance verification
  • Manage any number facilities at once
  • Integrated auto CDS tool

Enhance Technologist Effectiveness

Foster synergy between your Technologist and Radiologist with the Q/ris Tech Workflow. In addition to automatically capturing DICOM SR data, the Q/ris Technologist Workflow module is packed full of tools to help your technologist prepare the more data-rich studies while saving time for your radiologist.

  • Automatic generation of exam-specific electronic worksheets for technologist notes and annotations
  • Real-time editing, modifying or rescheduling of exams at any point
  • Automatic Charge Capture and Interactive Supply Capture
  • MIPPS compatible DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Automatically capture DICOM SR data from the modality

Streamline Report Creation

Accurate and timely reports are the essential deliverable of your daily workflow. With the automation assistance of Q/ris Reporting PLUS+, reports are delivered in minutes.

  • Fully integrated dictation worklist launches PACS images from the radiologist’s desktop automatically with 100% patient matching
  • Extensive use of macros and structured reports to standardize and speed reporting
  • Onsite or 24/7 remote access
  • Integrated Peer Learning Module
  • Integrated CTR Management Module

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Unified Teleradiology

No matter how many facilities you read for, the Q/ris Reading Services Module (RSM) will unite all the data you need in a single universal worklist.

  • Single Universal Worklist
  • Customizable workflow for each sending facility
  • Proprietary QC App allowing sending facilities to pass on DICOM SR and technologist notes 
  • Integrates with Q/ris RerportingPLUS+

Achieve Universal Connectivity & Interoperability

MedQ provides the “perfect fit” radiology software, no matter what your setup. Our modular design and standards-based architecture allows the Q/ris 3000 IE Workflow to be implemented in any setting and interoperate with any system.

  • Smooth Implementation and Seamless integration
  • Scale with confidence knowing that Q/ris works with any system
  • Q/ris Connect ensures connectivity with any EMR, PMS or HIS
  • DICOM Bridge module allows

What our Customers Are Saying

Remote Access

Modernize your system with 24/7 secure remote access for your patients and referring physicians. Referring physicians will appreciate being able to make orders from anywhere, and patients can save their orders or view results from the Patient Web Portal.

  • 24/7 secure remote access
  • Patients can fill out paperwork before their appointment with the Patient Portal
  • Remote exam ordering and report viewing through the Referring Physician Portal

Business Analytics Dashboard

Get the data you need in order to make the crucial decisions to improve your practice. The Q/ris Dashboard provides users the capability to retrieve, display and analyze business and clinical analytics in real time.

  • Spot trends and find opportunities
  • Metrics include: Exam Volume, Patient Throughput, Turnaround times, Worker Productivity, and much more
  • Data shown graphically in a customizable dashboard
  • Automatic MIPS reporting

Other Popular Add-on Modules

Have a special use case? Want an integrated billing or EHR module? Look into some of our popular add-on modules to make your Q/ris system truly your own.