It’s one thing to be getting by reading remotely, but why not thrive while reading remotely? Included by KLAS in the COVID-19 Solutions Guide*, Reporting PLUS+ from medQ is not just a remote reading module—It is a fullyfeatured reporting environment.

In addition to being able to integrate with any PACS, RIS, HIS and EMR, Radiologists who use Reporting PLUS+ can create imaging reports from home, while becoming even MORE efficient.  Here’s why:

Automatic Workload Assignment Engine

Instead of having to manually assign studies to your radiologists, have Q/ris Reporting PLUS+ do it for you.  Intelligent and AI-fueled, the Assignment Engine will factor in credentials, availability, current workload, subspecialty and other factors to maintain a workload balance among all of your radiologists—no matter where they are reading from.


Integrated Critical Test Result Management

Radiologists can easily communicate and track critical findings with the integrated Critical Test Reporting module.  Notify physicians in real time, while tracking CTR alerts and turnaround times.

Integrated Peer Review and Peer Learning Programs

Even though you might have less time than ever, peer review requirements haven’t change.  The automation of the peer learning front end allows the automatic selection of reviewer and reviewee workload requirements. Radiologists can also easily identify relevant priors and select exams to review on the fly.  Users can also take advantage of the RadPeer integration for automatic peer review submissions if needed.


Full Suite of Automation Tools

Reporting PLUS+ also allows radiologists to use voice recognition and familiar automation tools and stay connected with their onsite imaging team.  Radiologists can access studies remotely from a configurable Universal Reading Worklist.  Reporting PLUS+ allows Radiologists to log and access patient prior reports while off site.  Radiologists can also remotely return studies to the technologists for clarifications or comments using the “Return to Tech” feature. All while maintaining proper social distancing.

  • Other notable Automation tools include:
  • DICOM structured report data directly into report.
  • Voice-navigated macros and nested macros
  • Auto-Signing & Auto Distribution
  • Auto-Next Reading modes

All of this functionality supported by one of the highest rated support teams in the business, where can you go wrong?

Ready to see the software for yourself?  Get your demo here.

*medQ’s Reporting PLUS+ was included by KLAS in the COVID-19 Technology and Services Solutions Guide on page 89

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