Streamline Report Creation

One Universal Worklist

Manage and configure multiple workflows (such as a resident workflow) that roam with the radiologists no matter which workstation they decide to use. The Q/ris Reporting PLUS+ module launches the next image from the appropriate PACS viewer automatically with 100% patient accuracy.

Less Clicks, More Reads

Structured report templates come in PRE-filled with the information recorded by the technologist, allowing the Radiologist to start dictating immediately. No matter where the mouse is, the dictation window is always active allowing the radiologist to dictate without interruption.

Peer Review and Peer Learning

Hone expertise in a constructive and positive way without interrupting the Reporting Workflow with our seamlessly integrated Peer Learning Program. The automation of the peer learning front end allows the automatic selection of reviewer and reviewee workload requirements. Radiologists can also easily identify relevant priors and select exams to review on the fly.

Elevate your peer review program with protocols to create a “Learning Database” full of interesting cases for team review.

What our Customers Are Saying

Read and Dictate Anywhere, at Any Time

Make your work come to you. Access Q/ris Reporting PLUS+ on site or through a secure remote connection.

Create and Track Critical Test Results

Efficient and consistent with JAHCO requirements, the Q/ris Critical Test Result Management Solution is engineered to be seamless and effective in real time.

  • Radiologist has a heads up display to allow him/her to process CTR notifications.
  • Follow up work lists are automatically generated to ensure positive, closed-loop communications.
  • Critical Test Results are automatically filed in the patient’s history and radiology report
  • Referring physician is notified immediately speeding the initiation of treatment protocol.

Radiologist & Technologist Synergy

Better data yields better reads and better reports. Radiologists receive structured DICOM reports in the image series, as well as the technologist’s e-worksheets, procedural notes, and dosage information—all the relevant information the Radiologist needs to complete their report. If the reading Radiologist needs more information, they can simply send the study back to the technologist using the “Return to Tech” button on their dashboard.

Benefit Summary