All Data in One Unified Workflow

Combine data and images from multiple locations and sources simultaneously, then integrate them into a seamless and unified workflow. The Q/ris Reading Services Module supports multiple workflow options.

Q/ris RSM will create a perpetual historical record of procedures, patient history, referring physicians with no pre-configuration required—allowing for a more rapid deployment.

Completely Scalable

There is no limit to how many facilities you can support with Q/ris RSM. You can customize your workflow and report format to accommodate the sending facility’s requirements.

What our Customers Are Saying

Multiple Workflows Customizable by Facility

Unique Order Generation, Patient Data Collection, Report Distribution, Charge Capture—all automated and all customizable to fit each sending facility’s needs thanks to our Universal Connectivity.

Improve Flow of Information

The QC App allows the sending facility edit the study data, upload documents, send DICOM structured data, technologist notes and make a quality check before sending the exam for interpretation—all the information the radiologist needs to create a more complete report.

Seamlessly Integrates with Q/ris Reporting PLUS+

Radiologist has access to all the tools he needs to make his work simple, streamlined and accurate.

Benefit Summary