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Some of our Users Include...

Specially Designed Veterinary Workflows

Fully-powered front-end radiology workflow, with animal and species-specific demographic and DICOM SR fields.  Workflows automatically adjust based on size and species of the patient.

Powerful Vet RIS and Reporting Workflow Automation

Streamline and automate every step of your veterinary imaging workflow—from patient registration and scheduling through reporting and distribution.  Save your imaging team hundreds of hours a year using top-tier, modern automation tools such as…

Comprehensive Resident and Academic Workflows

The Q/ris 3000 is the premier workflow choice for all practices with veterinary residents.  The specially designed resident workflow allows the attending veterinarians to assign cases, review reports written/dictated by residents before final signing, or even overread the same case the resident already has read.  Reporting PLUS+ automatically tracks differences between the two reports for easy teaching moments.

Fully Featured Reporting Solution

Reporting PLUS+™ combines an Industry-leading Voice Recognition (VR) engine together with customizable Universal Worklists and Top-Tier automation tools.  Its everything a radiologist needs, in one complete reporting environment.

Keyword Prior Case Search

Looking to support your reads or research cases with prior veterinarian cases?  Search through all previously completed cases by species, color, a custom tag, or a keyword.  Quickly read or save cases and images—all without leaving the app.

The Complete Vet Imaging Environment

Universal Interoperability

Integrate disparate systems by using Q/ris 3000 as the universal connector between any number of EMR, PACS, Billing or Veterinary Practice Software.

DICOM Modality Worklist

Eliminate duplicate data entry by automatically populating the modality worklist with patient and order information after check-in.

“Nested” Reporting Macro Sequences

Save 3-5 minutes per patient by formatting and populating entire reports using a few keywords and phrases.

Patient Precheck-in Support

Easily track and manage large animals that have to check-in a day early for safe sedation with a precheck-in workflow.

Technologist Workflow & Automation Tools

Increase patient throughput with technologist-specific workflow and automation tools like, auto scan to PACS, DICOM SR data auto collect, auto dose, charge, and supply capture systems, and more.

MPPS Procedure Auto Start/Stop

Free up time for your technologist and help keep your clinical analytics accurate by automatically marking the start and stop you of procedures.

Procedure Times-Based Scheduling

Get the most out of your schedule by blocking out time based on procedures ordered instead of the rigid blocking determined by an EMR.

Automatic DICOM Structured Reporting

Save 1-2 minutes per patient by having vet-specific DICOM SR data and measurements prepopulated upon opening an exam.

Reporting Quality Checker

Lower your error rate by automatically detecting reporting discrepancies such as laterality, species and other customizable characteristics. 

Q/ris 3000 Vet Edition integrates with hundreds of apps including...

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