Integrating Disparate Systems

As a general rule, EMRs and PACS are not well integrated and do not play nicely with one another making for a disruptive and less efficient workflow.  If your technologists are having to manually fill out forms and retype everything into the modality, you are not only losing time but you are possibly making mistakes. 

These complications only multiply if your site is working with multiple EMR systems.

The medQ Technologist Workflow acts as the universal connector between any number of EMRs and the PACS. The Tech Workflow Module will automatically receive info from the EMR and then automatically upload the patient file to the modality using medQ’s integrated DICOM Modality Worklist. This way, all data received by the PACS from the modality will tie in perfectly with the information in the EMR.

Recently, medQ helped an imaging center fill in their EMR-PACS gap with the Tech Workflow Module. The increased efficiency gained by integrating the disparate systems generated  every year.

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